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I had some pretty funny dreams last night, and by “funny” I mean genuinely amusing. I thought I’d share them here before I forget them.

In the first dream, I was back from my trip to Vietnam and back to work at the Conference Board of Canada, being warmly welcomed back by my colleagues. My boss was particularly interested in talking to me, to bring me up to speed on the company’s latest research product: an extensive review of Book 1 of the Ruhi Institute’s community training series, Reflections on the Life of the Spirit. I was quite surprised—and speechless—but thoroughly impressed as I leafed through the draft of the thick research publication, which analysed the book’s impact on organizational performance—and presented it in quite a good light.

In the second dream, I was looking around for my good friend Martin so I could have a friendly chat with him. When I found him, he was dressed in snappy work clothes, extremely busy with innumerable tasks for the Spiritual Assembly of Ottawa, the Cluster Growth Committee, and other Baha’i institutions. Acknowledging my presence without looking at me, he asked me to address myself to his clone, who was sitting nearby, wearing jeans and looking relaxed and welcoming. I was extremely confused, but began talking with Marty’s clone, who explained that due to the mounting workload of the Baha’i Institutions and the pressures of his social life, Martin had decided to create a clone of himself to deal specifically with social issues, such as hanging out with friends, playing card games, updating his personal website, late-night runs to McDonald’s and Denny’s, and so on.

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  1. Me and my friend Hannah always talk about dreams and she has the funniest dreams! My favorite is when she dreamed about singing fruit. There were these girls in fruit costumes singing random songs and dancing and it was so funny!

  2. Wow Dan. Not sure what to say about your dream, except it may be the first sign of clairvoyance! Getting a clone was definitely part of my plans…but more replicating myself so others could do the non-complicated work that is my life.

    But seriously, things are good here and we miss you! Spend more time on their websites and less on taking pictures so you can get back here sooner!!!!


  3. Now that’s a nice dream dreaming about spiritual life is a plus and then hanging out with friends is really good maybe there will be a fruitful change in your life in that dream. Let’s hope for the best and good luck with it. Dreams can also be applied through lots and lots of ice cream it is an emotional corrective technique which you could be able to know your dreams.

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