For those of who aren’t yet subscribed to my Twitter feed, here’s what you’ve been missing for the past week:

Apr. 1st

  • touched down in Saigon a couple of hours ago, everything seems to be ok so far. i’m off to bed in a sec. look for photos tomorrow.
  • GOOD MORNING VIETNAM! ok, I know you all wanted me to say that, so now it’s out of the way. the roosters outside do help add a little colour
  • i suppose i could pull an april fool’s prank of some sort but reality is just much cooler than jokes right now

Apr. 2nd

  • the visit to KFC (Gà rán Kentucky) in Saigon was funny. rice? with gravy on it? wow. and yeah, I know, you’d think I’d go for ph? first off.
  • the noise here is amazing. from 7 AM to 10 PM it’s kids, roosters, motorcycles, street vendors, TVs, radios, pretty much anything
  • reading and re-reading a Baha’i pioneering doc about culture shock; all the symptoms seem to apply. praying for serenity while i adjust.)

Apr. 3rd

  • getting my calendar in order right now. got a bit more of a gameplan going now that my head is a little clearer.
  • sunshower time in saigon. just had lunch – stirfried veg, shrimp/beef and some fish soup thing. going out later today to do some banking.
  • uhh did I say sunshower? I meant apocalyptic thunderstorm. currently cowering in the nearest closet.
  • thunderstorm over. well that was weird
  • i’m all Saigonned out for the night x_X do check out my latest blog entry:

Apr. 4th

  • At the Baha’i Centre in Saigon; just met with the NSA. the Baha’is are real friendly! going out for lunch in a few min. pho maybe (finally)?

Apr. 5th

  • no pho yet. had just about everything else, though. dinner at Ben Thanh market last night. like the Byward Market, only much, much bigger.
  • doing some desk/laptop work at home. happy, sam?
  • Ph? GET

Apr. 6th

Apr. 8th

  • using wi-fi at Saigon Baha’i Centre. awesome. busy street outside is noisy as heck. taking some time to blog a little, then more web design.
  • went to borrow a bike from one of the local Baha’is here – a little low w/ no gears, but it’ll do. everyone is so gracious and friendly here

Apr. 9th

  • internet access has been pretty weird here… unable to access certain websites at different times. yesterday facebook, today google news…
  • vietnamese web designers don’t seem to get the concept of whitespace around blocks of text. it makes me want to cry… out in frustration
  • collecting photos of vietnamese art as fodder for the creative process. lotus and bamboo are top symbols, red and yellow top colours. go me.
  • Saigon will either cure me of my dislike of loud noises, or render me hopelessly insane. people need to oil their doors here ;_;

Apr. 10th

  • taking a quiet morning to do some sketching.
  • Nu’s housekitten seems to like biting my pencil as I work… as well as my nose.
  • testing out brightkite from a little hole in the wall in HCMC –
  • happy easter weekend to everyone! it’s not celebrated as a public holiday here in Vietnam, but i’m on holiday anyway so 😛
  • “Don’t worry, I already know how to get there” is turning out to be a very useful Vietnamese phrase. …anyone know how to say it?

One thought on “atwitter

  1. Dan, you could *almost* make me believe Twitter has a use and possibly even some actual cleverness! Nice little snippets of someone adjusting/learning in an atmosphere of furious (even apocalyptic!) change and cultural chaos.

    Hope you’ve enjoyed Ridvan. Aya is on the Assembly now.

    More power to your sketching, your teaching, your designing, and your closet!

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