baha’i fasting times for 2009

hey—just in time for the Fast, I’ve calculated and posted Ottawa’s Baha’i fasting times for 2009, along with links to print out fasting calendars for other major Canadian cities. Hope you find them useful, and here’s wishing you and yours a joyous and spiritually transformative Fast.

Read more about the Baha’i Fast, here and on

4 thoughts on “baha’i fasting times for 2009

  1. Your calendar times are slightly different from the ones. For example, Monday March 2 on your calendar is at 6:39 and 17:50, but the sunrisesunset’s at 6:41 and 17:49.

    Any reason for the difference?

  2. Hello!

    I found your blog with a Google search for “Baha’i blogs” – nice site! I admire the Baha’i faith very much and have known a few Baha’ians, all of whom were wonderful people. I am a non-religious, dogma-free spiritualist Christian with a popular blog at Free Spirit ( I have been doing a series of posts lately cross examining all the major world spiritual paths and their (very often) similar underlying truths and wisdoms. Today’s post (March 1, 2009) is on the Baha’i faith. I invite you to stop by and contribute to the discussion, as a true believer in the Baha’i faith. And if you have some Baha’i friends that would care to stop in, by all means invite them too!

    Only One Love,
    Marvin D Wilson

  3. Bagha – that’s odd, for me said 6:39 and 17:50 for March 2. Are you sure you’re looking at the same link? Did you choose a different year, or did you input your own lat/long coordinates for Ottawa? send me a screenshot maybe…

  4. Actually I think I might have been looking at Saturday on SS and Monday on yours. However, on a related note, the Ottawa Baha’i newsletter’s calendar has a 1 minute difference on some of the times.

    Regardless, it’s really not that big a deal 🙂

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