aime-moi (prayercast, trk.4)

Another track from the prayercast; like the last one, this melody is a well-known one accompanying a Hidden Word revealed by Bahá’u’lláh, sung in French this time.

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O fils de l’existence! Aime-moi afin que je puisse t’aimer. Si tu ne m’aimes pas, mon amour ne pourra point t’atteindre. Sache le, ô serviteur.

Bahá’u’lláh, Paroles Cachées, No. 5, Arabe

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3 thoughts on “aime-moi (prayercast, trk.4)

  1. Dan! this is beautiful! I’ve replayed it like 15 times now. And I was compelled to create different harmonies for it. Sorta like a musical equivalent to doodling, if you will, but without a pen and paper, and with voice instead. Alas, i don’t have the equipment to record and send you my doodles.
    this makes me sad.
    your voice makes me the opposite of sad.
    Hope you’re doing well. Keeping sharing your beautiful voice and these beatiful prayers!

  2. This was beautiful, amazing. I sent it to many Baha’i and non Baha’i friends alike. They asked for the words and I happily obliged. Please, please, MORE!!! Love your voice and how well it carries this beautiful prayer.
    Thanks and a big cyber hug to the Canadian who brightens many a day

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