a day in the life

today’s children’s class was postponed ’til next week to accommodate the holding of an Ayyám-i-Há gift fair at the Bahá’í Centre. I slept in a little late – good for my body, I suppose, because I haven’t had lots of good sleep lately; but not so good for the organizers who asked if I could come in early to help set up :/ Things seem to have gone alright, though, and the event itself was a success, with many families arriving over the lunch hour with their children to take part in not only the gift fair, but also to make Ayyám-i-Há cards and candles. the proceeds from the gift fair were slated to pay for its expenses, and the remainder went to the Baha’i Fund.

after the gift fair, people quickly cleared out to make room for the visit of Mr. Rowhani, a representative from the National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá’ís of Canada. I was asked to take cake of the bookstore during the talk he gave since there were no other volunteers present, so I ended up missing a great deal of it. I did manage to hear a few things, though; Mr. Rowhani gave the friends a detailed explanation of how the National Spiritual Assembly had been handling its recent financial crises. He also shared certain stories from the History of the Faith, especially relating to the trials ‘Abdu’l-Bahá went through as He was overseeing the construction of the Shrine of the Báb, all the while hiding the Blessed Báb’s remains until the hour finally came for them to be interred. the crowd emptied out by 5pm and another crowd moved in: youth this time, a whole mass of them from 15 years old and upwards, and again Mr. Rowhani addressed them. I peeked in on their session for a little while and it reminded me a lot of when I was a youth, and of how much love the Institutions and their members had (and have) for the youth. With them, Mr. Rowhani spent time listening to their questions and sharing his own experiences as a youth, dealing with things like peer pressure, finding confidence to teach, finding a Baha’i identity, and so on.

right now I’m going to close up the bookstore; hopefully I can catch the rest before it’s over.

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