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meeting ambiencehindsight is 20/20, right? the past few months of the Five Year Plan in Ottawa have brought a lot of powerful insight, beginning with the reflection meeting at the beginning of October, through a two-week expansion phase, and into a phase of consolidation where contacts, who have most probably been taught about the Baha’i Faith through direct methods such as Anna’s presentation, are nurtured through participation in Institute courses (aka study circles) that not only impart knowledge, but also – if properly facilitated – confer the vital spiritual skills required for a Baha’i to carry out those spiritual duties that make up his or her part in the Eternal Covenant of God. at the start of the reflection meeting, our local cluster institutions took us through a retrospective of past efforts, giving us a brief overview of how far we had come since beginning our intensive program of growth several years ago. the interesting twist on the current cycle’s goals was that, after several cycles of focusing on different elements – musical firesides, Anna’s presentation, neighbourhood teaching, and so on – the focus came back to teaching teams and their individual plans, much the same way as we had started many cycles ago. the reasoning? since we’ve had the time to experiment with all the different elements of an intensive program of growth – see how musical firesides work, how they use Anna’s presentation, and how Anna’s presentation in its turn gives seekers all they need to know to begin the sequence of institute courses. I’m enjoying watching this change in culture of the Baha’i community from the inside out. Stay tuned for more reports from the community!

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