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guess what? I’m going to Vietnam. No, I wasn’t drafted. I’ve hooked up with the Baha’i community over there and, if everything goes as planned, I’m going to be helping them create a website for their newly recognized community. I should be leaving in the spring (mid-March?) and coming back to Canada for Labour Day—basically spending the summer there. It’s not exactly a snowbird trip is it? Oh well. It’s not so much about having a vacation as it is about service (although it will be nice to skip out a little early from the Ottawa winter this year). There aren’t many details to share right now, because they’re presently under discussion; I’ll be posting more as I know more. Suffice to say, though, that this blog should start getting more and more interesting in the next few months as I prepare.

5 thoughts on “exciting news

  1. Glorioski!

    I hope it all works out…

    When I was there in ’67, during one of our dips in the South China Sea, a buddy said it would be a great place for a Hilton–after the war…

    If you get to Cam Ranh Bay, say hello to the country-side for me and let it know I became a Baha’i…

    ~ Alex from Our Evolution

  2. wow, great service man!

    i’d like to do the same at some point in time 😉

    plz share ur experience as much as possible so i have more insights in it 😉

    shall we exchange emails?

    i’d like to get in touch with u! ^^

    cheers and wonderful service!

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