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whither cora'sup bright and early today. there’s a huge swath of snow covering the city, so, just to be on the safe side, i got up early and called a taxi to bring me to my dentist’s appointment this morning. turns out it wasn’t needed, and I ended up arriving 45 minutes early for my appointment. so I did what any sane, God-fearing individual would do in this situation: I went to have breakfast. I’m blogging from Cora’s right now – apparently they offer free wireless internet (that, or they just haven’t secured their router). just thought I’d post a little something while I was here. work is pretty crazy right now; there’s a massive deadline coming this weekend that I’ll have to come in to work for. that, and there are children’s classes to plan (although the stress is a little lower now that I have help lined up) and a number of other web-related projects coming due.

on that note, I’m off to have my teeth cleaned.

2 thoughts on “good morning

  1. Hi, your blog is just wonderful, and ao is the other one you have that I just tried to post on and I think failed. I’m a Baha’i and an artist. I’ve been teaching Baha’i school for the past 12 years! Professionally I work with kids alot. Although I’ve had a website for many years, I recently got interested in the world of blogging and began blogging about living the creative life one day at a time…….I have been working creatively with diverse groups of people for over 20 years. One of the goals of my blog is to post tutorials for artistic activities that are inspired by Baha’i Principles. The first one was posted yesterday: The Garden of Humanity Bouquet. I would be happy to link your site to mine 🙂 warmest regards

  2. Good morning to you,
    I am just starting to blog…well, who knows, maybe I will and maybe I won’t. I get up earrrrrly every morning. Love your blog. Thanks for the quote about fear hidden in wealth. I put it on mine.
    Now, after the elections, I think of Abdul Baha praying that America would lead the world in spiritualization. This is grand.

    Oh, actually the reason to connect is to ask about your children’s classes….what artistic activities, lessons, games you do in addition to the Ruhi ones.

    We cannot make our classes grow : (

    And yes, I like to see the garden of humanity bouquet.

    Thanks much and good luck on teeth cleaning.

    Ciao for now

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