a few interesting statistics

I was curious about some of the web stats I’ve had over the past year. In decreasing order of hits, these are the top 20 countries sending visitors to doberman pizza, a baha’i blog: the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, France, India, Germany, Philippines, Malaysia, Israel, the Netherlands, Ireland, Romania, Portugal, China, New Zealand, Iran, Italy, Spain, and Vietnam.

How about the top 10 content? Apart from the home page, the most popular page on the site is the photos page. after that comes the about page (understandable). next comes Raelee Pierce’s article on Baha’i marriage culture (aha!). further down, there’s the yearly list of Baha’i fasting times, then the videos page. after that comes the always-hilarious Ottawa Baha’i youth slang glossary, and then the list of interesting search terms that people have used to find the site. afterwards comes the “quotes” blog category—people searching for Baha’i quotes—and, finally, one of my photo albums comes in at #10, a small album capturing a refresher on Anna’s presentation.

2 thoughts on “a few interesting statistics

  1. Web stats ARE fascinating. Tonight I’m trying to figure out Feedburner stats. Sitemeter stats have been my primary source for feedback, yet there are many other options, too. There is so much for this old geezer to learn.

  2. feedburner’s a really great service, especially the email subscriptions – it helps a lot of people keep up on my blog without having to check the web all the time. i also find their interface pretty nice. one recommendation I would make, if you’re interested, is to look into google analytics. that’s the software I used to grab the above stats, and it’s probably the most easy to use stat software that I’ve used, and it’s free (you just have to apply for an account).

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