health craziness

yogurt-drinking visitormore kidney stone craziness. i ended up in the emergency room lately with nasty kidney stone pain, which of course, has often been described as the worst pain imaginable, second only to childbirth (a minority of women report that kidney stones are worse). after getting nice and morphined up, the doctors had me zapped with x-rays, ultrasound and the kitchen sink to find out that the 1cm stone that came out of my kidney last year had shrunk to 8mm (yay -_-) and had moved down to just above the bladder (O_O). zounds. does that mean this whole episode might soon be over? my next step is to call up my urologist and book an appointment, hopefully to blast the living daylights out of the stone before I get even more attacks. so yeah. exciting health news. kidney stones are bad craziness. my dad was particularly worried about me, especially after hearing about the tens of thousands of children in China who got kidney stones after drinking melamine-tainted milk and/or milk products. apparently the levels aren’t as dangerous for adults, but damn is that ever messed up. you’ve got to be a pretty callous monster to put an industrial chemical like melamine into milk. apparently it’s a huge crisis in China though, with estimates saying up to 20% of Chinese dairy companies sell melamine-tainted products. yikes. I guess I’ll wait a little while before buying more yakult. o_O

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