february update

rideau canal 2well it’s certainly been a while since the last update, hasn’t it? I blame the season. I love winter, but for some reason, every time it comes around, I just slow down like nobody’s business. sad. I guess it’s more of the winter blahs (I keep blogging about them every year… I sense a pattern developing). On a positive note, I got a chance to get out and visit ottawa’s winterlude festival—no skating that day, but got to admire the ice sculptures and have a taste of some maple taffy on snow:

this winter, I definitely want to go out and visit a sugar bush somewhere out in the country. I haven’t even taken a vacation this winter for crying out loud! last year at around this time, I had just come back from a week’s worth of travelling across Canada—visiting friends in Vancouver, Edmonton and Winnipeg. …Actually, that’s not quite true. At this time last year, I was recovering from a sudden attack of kidney stones… well, more like a massacre, actually, but it did teach me some things.

2 thoughts on “february update

  1. “…more like a massacre, actually, but it did teach me some things.”

    I can relate…

    I’m in the 9th month of 11 months of an extremely debilitating treatment for Hepatitis C.

    My body, emotions, and even some aspects of my mind have been ravaged!

    Praise God, my spirit is SOARING !!!

    ~ Alex

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