anna’s presentation: a systematic way of teaching

As I’ve already blogged here before, “Anna’s presentation” is a nickname referring to several sections of Book 6 of the Ruhi curriculum, “Teaching the Cause”, in which participants explore how to effectively share with receptive souls a general overview (or presentation) of the Baha’i Faith that is detailed enough to be considered complete.

When people talk about using “Anna’s presentation” they are generally referring to using notes they have distilled from these sections in order to present an accurate and complete overview of the Baha’i Faith. More and more, people are using these notes as a guide on how to present the Baha’i Faith in a clear, transparent and direct fashion—which is resulting in an increased number of enrollments in the Baha’i community across the world.

3 thoughts on “anna’s presentation: a systematic way of teaching

  1. HI friends,

    We are using the exact same approach as the first video presents, with the same flipcharts from Malaysia and the invitation to enroll after the theme of Oneness, just the same. Our first two new believers from this came last night here in Norfolk, VA, USA

  2. Where from can i download this Ruhi Book 6 in .pdf format, for understanding better what about this post content is about? i can’t find it from, which i think would be the place where we could download them…

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