tallisman in nwt: progressive revelation rap

Do you remember Canadian Baha’i hip-hop artist Tallis Newkirk, aka Tallisman, of Nelstar and Plains of Fascination fame? The one who helped Nelly Furtado get her first experience at professional studio recording when she was 17 years old? Yeah, that one. After living for a while in Regina, Saskatchewan, he’s moved to Canada’s Northwest Territories and is doing just fine—and he’s still rapping. Here’s the proof via Youtube:

Check out Tallisman’s Myspace!

1 thought on “tallisman in nwt: progressive revelation rap

  1. I came across this video on youtube too, it’s fantastic. Tallisman is awesome thanks for linking to some of his earlier work that was nice to listen to, t’s amazing to think that the biggest female solo artist right now Nelly Furtardo was in a Baha’i music group before her fame.

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