holla back seattle: baha’i hip-hop

It wasn’t until I read about them on the one and only Baha’i Blog and actually had a chance to hear some of their music that I started to light up: Common Market is serious business. Seriously challenging and seriously honest vocals—many inspired by the teachings of the Baha’i Faith—delivered by Ra Scion, along with seriously refreshing and uplifting beats from Blue Scholars‘ DJ Sabzi, make this combo into a mix between revolution and revelation. I bought two copies of Common Market’s album, and the songs on it still enjoy frequent rotation onto my iTunes playlist. Recent news from LiveJournal user sciontific—Ra Scion’s wife—shares an Associated Press article about the growing Seattle hip-hop scene that extensively features both Common Market and Blue Scholars and their independent record label, Massline Media. Check it out and don’t be left behind—and do check out the new Blue Scholars album, Bayani, for a share of lyrical bliss.

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