sunny mid-may day

lazy day on the riverahh what a beautiful day today—that made up for the rest of the weekend, which was cloudy and drab and rainy. I rode my new bike (yay!) down to the river and up to New Edinburgh, then back home, stopping at an asian grocery to get soup ingredients along the way. Praised be God for endowing human beings with the smarts to come up with bicycles. I love bikes to pieces. City bus and bike are an ideal combination for me; especially in a place like Ottawa that’s friendly to both cyclists and public transit users, it’s a winning combination. I honestly don’t see why anyone needs a car—besides convenience, impatience or needing to go somewhere crazy like Greely or Barrhaven. Pedestrian-friendly urban development for life. I think I’m going to end up being one of those crazy granola guys who lives in a solar-panelled adobe house in Arizona with five acres of organic permaculture out back.

Hmmmm my house and my life were both badly in need of spring cleaning. My apartment is a little bit cleaner now, and my fridge is a little bit fuller. I’m also on my own (i.e. no flatmate) for the first time in a couple of years, and it’s going better than I had expected—long-time readers of this blog will remember where I ended up last time.

OK random link time. Someone (Kam) posted up the slideshow from the Unravel the Mysteries conference back in 2005 (see my photosets); nice memories… check it out on Youtube, or below. There are several other videos I’ve laid eyes on lately that are worth sharing here, but let’s pace ourselves shall we? In addition, do keep your eyes peeled in the next week or so for a glorious retrospective video from the Cultivating the Roots conference will be posted here soon.

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