cultivating the roots video

You saw it here first: Here’s the unofficial Cultivating The Roots commemorative video. Tell your friends!

Update: Check it out – a podcast of the talks at the conference!

11 thoughts on “cultivating the roots video

  1. As a broadcast engineer, I found the video fun. As a ham radio operator, I found they left that part out. In anyevent, it was quite good. Great chance to put some faces with the names we’ve all seen on the internet. Hope to hear some of these folks on the air one of these day.

  2. Glad to see that this group is focuced on the current guidance from the senior institutions, and that I know some of the friends that attended so that I can be more in the loop.
    Thanks Dan for the video and Larry for letting me know about it!

  3. Thanks for the comments all 😀
    @Kevin: the font is Xenophone… and yeah, the editing was brutal!!! but it turned out well.
    @prema: thanks & roflroflrofl
    @Larry: I know… I tried to use all the footage I took at the conference but unfortunately I had to leave for the airport before you gave your talk! Would have loved to stay longer to hear it.
    @henri: thanks… I agree, it was great to see how focused on the guidance the deliberations were; even if we strayed at times into uber-technical discussion, it still all revolved around how we can best support the friends in their efforts to advance the aims of the Plan.
    @Philippe: I can believe it 😉

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