baha’i music: devon gundry

devon gundrymany of you reading this post may know who Devon Gundry is, so the following won’t come as news to you—I’m just shocked that I didn’t discover his music earlier! We ended up crossing paths at the Cultivating the Roots conference at Bosch Baha’i school last weekend, where he performed for a “music night” on the Saturday evening—giving me a chance to witness his talent first-hand. His sound is energetic, clean, and insistent, with “a sense of urgency, as there indeed should be in conveying the message of Bahá’u’lláh to an ailing mankind” (as observed in a comment on the YouTube video included below). He performed two songs that evening: “Loving Eyes” (listen to my video) and “A Healing Prayer”, which you can watch below. That’s just a sample, of course; you really need to listen to some more of his music and discover his talent for yourself. He’s on Myspace (aka Facespace?), and his CD is for sale on his website— If you like it, you can also come and share the love on his Fan club on Facebook!

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