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my mom tells me they got a phone call recently from a woman who told her that she and my dad had won a cruise to the Bahamas. oh, jolly good! telephone spam. now, she knows better than to trust such people—she’s streetwise enough to know that prize pitches like that are utter bunkum. when she was told she had to supply her credit card number in order to “confirm” the prize, she flipped out and started ranting (ok, maybe that’s an exaggeration) at the scammer, chiding her for trying to fleece unsuspecting citizens—but no matter, the dubious caller continued on with a prewritten sales pitch without letting up. Finally, my mom had enough and hung up on her. Unbeknownst to them both, my dad was on the other house line, listening quietly. Since the line hadn’t gone dead, the scammer continued on with her spiel, for at least a few minutes. When she stopped talking, she paused to hear nothing but dead air. The following brief exchange ensued:

Scammer: (to herself) Oh… I think she’s gone.

Dad: I think she hung up.

Scammer: Yeah, I guess— (realizing that someone else was on the line) hey wait, who are you?!

Dad: I’m the Lord.

(dead silence)


I’m proud of my dad. 🙂

Read up on phone scams on Wikipedia, or check out PhoneBusters to see how you can protect yourself.

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  1. that is one of the BEST things i have ever read. ever. i think i’ve accidentally deleted my blog but after reading this post, i’m truly happier.

    love from leila

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