have you seen this stamp?

world religion day stamp

you may have seen this lovely little World Religion Day stamp being forwarded back and forth across the Internet lately, and shouted to yourself, “Forsooth! A Canadian stamp about World Religion Day? A stamp with a quote from the Bahá’í Writings on it? Happy day!” Well, at first I did that too, until I realized I couldn’t actually find any press release or news item that could confirm whether or not said stamp had been released by Canada Post.

So I called up Canada Post trying to confirm the existence of an official World Religion Day stamp, and they said they don’t know of any such design for a commemorative stamp, nor is there such a design in the works. A look at the 2007 Commemorative Stamp Lineup confirms this fact—unfortunately, while the above is a very nice design, it’s not a real stamp. Yet. Maybe, if there’s enough encouragement from philatelists and their ilk, Canada Post could be convinced to eventually issue a stamp along this theme?

At any rate—feel free to oooh and ahhh at this excellent (anonymous?) stamp design for now, and if you’re friends with the local postmaster, perhaps you could slip him or her a little suggestion for next year…

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5 thoughts on “have you seen this stamp?

  1. good question… Unless it gets really bad (i.e. the Spiritual Assembly appoints you to a committee to buy copies of the stamps and deliver them to all the dignitaries in town) I’d probably just let people find out on their own. As far as I know, nobody even knows who designed the stamp. Once that’s discovered, it’ll be news…

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