get your ruhi book today

I came across this movie by chance after discovering the lolworthy Masses Are Waiting video put together by “some Baha’is in Budapest” (hearsay?) Anyway, I was going to click to the next video… until I noticed who the girl in the green shirt was. Look closely.

Remind you of someone you know? lol. get your ruhi book today. just ask T.

Update: As of December 2007, there’s a sequel!

3 thoughts on “get your ruhi book today

  1. Dears
    this video is quite funny, I do not understand it is aim but now I am searching for a PDF version of any other printable version of Ruhi books in English but it is so unbleliveable for me that there is no free source for it and all of the link are from some online books stores. therefore now I am in a paradox when the bahai society insist in Ruhi classes it is so interesting that I can not find a copy of them.
    I am Iranian and I finished all of these books in Farsi language and also worked on them, but now I am really need a english version of it to start some new classes but there is no resource.
    I think it is better to publish them instead of creating advertisement for them!

  2. I agree completelly with Naysan – is very weird when we live in a world being now so focused on colaborative work and on open-source and free development, we can’t find Ruhi books available as open, in formats like pdf, txt, xml-docbook, etc. – i think it’s very shameful have no complete Ruhi books available for download, and i hope this situation may change soon, which i don’t know if some petition is needed for helping that.

    I also understand, if don’t want to leave these Ruhi books completelly available as easy, maybe it means these Ruhi books are not so important for the Baha’i faith, and shows us how nonsense is having to follow all these books… And maybe because this i can understand why some Baha’i communities are not using Ruhi books, and the simple answer is they are not free (at least for now, and i hope not for so long…)

    Or maybe soon can realize soon how important is showing to all world there are nothing to hide in these whole Ruhi books worldwidelly, providing them easily available as open, freely and for free – and as well, surelly this would help to make the Baha’i faith much more popular than it is today, for sure.

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