goodbye fast, hello naw-ruz

lamps“…Thou hast endowed every hour of these days with a special virtue, inscrutable to all except Thee, Whose knowledge embraceth all created things.” (Bahá’u’lláh)

This year’s Fast is almost over, and the new year almost begun. I know I’m echoing a widely-felt sentiment when I say that this year’s Fast has been particularly profound and powerful. (right?) As blogged in a previous post, ‘Abdu’l-Bahá notes that the physical fast (not eating or drinking from sunup to sundown) is a symbol—an outer token—of the spiritual fast. So the whole point of this not eating thing isn’t just some random exercise in austerity. Just as fasting helps us to reset our metabolism and clean the body of its toxins, fasting helps us cleanse our souls from selfish desires, makes us more aware of those toxic spiritual habits we’ve picked up over the course of our lives—gossip, backbiting, excessive attachment to comfort, ease, or luxury, or whatever—and, hopefully, helps strengthen our resolve to eliminate them from our lives.

Isn’t it cool that the Fast always happens just before Naw-rúz—the Baha’i New Year? Imagine if everybody fasted before the Gregorian New Year. All those people who made resolutions to lose weight, eat right, and start waking up earlier in the morning would have a tremendous head start. Perhaps I’ll make some resolutions this Naw-ruz—to be more kind and loving, to snap at people less often (or maybe that only happens when I’m hungry from fasting—lol), to take more interest in others and to be a better friend to everyone. Whatever your resolutions might be, may you all have a happy and joyous Naw-ruz, and may you celebrate this new day with a smile or your face!

video by papijoon.

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