fasting through daylight saving time

for all the Canadian and American Baha’is out there who are fasting right now: here comes the fun part.

as mentioned in a previous post, we’ll be switching to daylight saving time (DST) during the Fast this year. Unless you live in Saskatchewan, Arizona or Hawaii, DST will come into effect in the wee hours of March 11, 2007, or the ninth day of the Baha’i Fast.

So how will it work? well, let’s say you’ve been waking up at 5:30 AM local time, having breakfast and saying prayers at sunrise (which varies by location, but let’s suppose that happens around 6:30 AM). on the morning of the 11th, you’ll be waking up at the same time reckoning by sunrise, but the clock time will be one hour later. so instead of setting your alarm for 5:30 AM that morning, you’ll set it for 6:30 AM—and reckoning by sunrise, you’ll be waking up at the same time as before. At sunrise, your clock will say 7:30 AM. Confused yet?

I’ve compiled a list of links to fasting calendars for major Canadian cities, along with the 2007 fasting times for Ottawa. You’ll note that all of these include the changeover to DST on March 11; sunrise and sunset will appear to jump ahead one hour.

As long as you set your clocks ahead the night of the 10th, you should be fine—and even if you don’t, your alarm should wake you up before sunrise. Note also that sunset will appear to come one hour later—which may screw up your dinner plans. Unfortunately, your computer will probably be affected too—if you’re running Windows, check the Microsoft DST site to find out how to patch your computer, so that your computer time updates correctly. If you’re running a Mac, chances are your system is patched already—but check Apple’s DST switchover article to be sure. And if you’re running Linux—well, you probably already know what to do. 😉

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