baha’i blogs wanted - baha'i blogshey—if you’re a fan of baha’i blogs (or if you’re a Baha’i with a blog and you want more fans), check out it’s a project that aims to provide a global picture of the baha’i blogosphere, as it were—mapping out blogs that touch on Baha’i-related themes. I’ve already added a few of the blogs/websites local to Ottawa (for example,, but there are very few out there as of right now—particularly in Canada. I know there are a lot of Canadian Baha’i bloggers out there, so please come out of the woodwork and add yourself to the site! Even if you have a personal blog and you only occasionally mention the Baha’i Faith, consider registering your blog. It takes thirty seconds or less, and once it’s approved, other folks across the world will be able to read all about what’s going on in your neck of the woods.

Update (March 14): is featured along with several American baha’i blogs in an article entitled Taking it on faith: Baha’i blogs put forward views in comfortable space, published today in the U.S. Baha’i News. Cool! Might we soon see an article on Canadian Baha’i blogs from its northern counterpart? Watch this space…

Update (March 15): Find out more about at Kevin’s blog, where he describes where the whole project is going… cool!

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  1. Dan,

    Thanks so much for helping spread the word. Just so its clear, the map that’s on right now is only one small part of the overall project. The larger goal (and we’re getting close) is a site much like or, where the newest and best Baha’i generated content – like blogs, podcasts, flickr, youtube – are dynamically collected and updated in a single portal. It’s so amazing to read blogs about Feast in Tanzania, see video of junior youth in Malaysia and pictures of study circles in El Salvador – and eventually we hope the website will be a simple portal to see it all!


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