15 seconds of fame

a warm welcome to all of you who found this website thanks to the recent Canadian Baha’i News article on Baha’i blogging! I think I speak for all those mentioned in the article when I say that it’s an honour for my random musings to be highlighted in such a way. I can only hope that they live up to the expectations of the souls whose curiosity has brought them to investigate this far. if your curiosity has been satisfied, don’t hesitate to come back again—sign up for email updates or bookmark my rss feed to know when I post updates. I try to post at least once a week, and when possible several times a week, with engaging, inspiring, and thought-provoking content.

Be sure to check out some of the other blogs mentioned in the CBNS article—some of them are in my blogroll (look through my friends’ blogs links). for those of you who haven’t read the article yet, here’s a little excerpt:

[S]pend a little time exploring his blog and one […] finds that Jones’ interests are decidedly spiritual, and his opinions reflective of his devotion to the Bahá’í Faith.

Earlier in the month, he shared his thoughts about the fasting period that Bahá’ís go through every year for nineteen days. Prior to that, he posted several entries on his pilgrimage to the Bahá’í holy land in Haifa, Israel, including a poem about his experience.

Jones’ blog is one of a growing number of sites started by Bahá’ís who are keen to share their beliefs and opinions with fellow residents and web surfers around the world.

In Jones’ hometown of Ottawa, there are about half a dozen Bahá’ís who maintain blogs, a high proportion for a still relatively small community of about 1000.

[…] The writers are, in fact, all friends and have benefited from each other’s enthusiasm for the medium. Their camaraderie is, according to Dan Jones, one of the reasons why their blogs survived those critical first months when many bloggers lose their enthusiasm and let their sites fizzle out.

“Back in the day, we would all post announcements for various events on each of our websites,” recalls Jones, “and we were almost vying to outdo each other sometimes. We just worked well together, and I think it created an atmosphere where we were able to try anything and see how it worked.”

2 thoughts on “15 seconds of fame

  1. Dan, the site is really coming along. I’m very impressed with your über-geeky know-how. 😉 Seriously, I’d love to have your talent with creating web pages. Anyway, I’ll catch you on the flip side. Hope everything’s holding up well out there, and I’m going to try to stop by before going home this summer.

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