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A Faith Denied: The Persecution of the Baha'is of IranA new baha’i blog focusing on the plight of Iran’s Bahá’ís has recently seen the light—perhaps following in the footsteps of the successful blog Baha’i Faith in Egypt—and it seems poised to be a promising source of information on the situation of the Bahá’ís of Iran.

The most recent post features a Bahá’í World News Service press release that announces the release of a recent report from the Connecticut-based Iran Human Rights Documentation Center (IHRDC) on the situation of Iran’s Bahá’ís. The 60-page report expresses concern that Iranian Bahá’ís “may soon face another cycle of repression and violence”. You can read the original press release.

Also of interest may be a photo that appeared on iranian.com and was blogged on the portuguese Baha’i blog Povo de Bahá a few days ago. The photo shows an anti-Baha’i display set up outside a mosque in Iran. My Persian’s getting better, but it’s still too rusty to understand what’s written on the signs.
Anti-Baha'i display outside a mosque in Iran

From the website: The book stand in front of the mosque has a green banner reading: offering books for Recognition of the “Devious Baha’i sect”. I’m assuming this means they’re offering books that misrepresent the Baha’i Faith and passing them off as Baha’i scripture.

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  1. Allah’u’Abha Dan,

    No, actually they aren’t trying to pass them off as actual Baha’i scripture. The books are printed by the Hojjatieh Society to refute and discredit the Faith. This category of books is called ‘radiey’ in Persian/Arabic.

    Have a great day and rest of the fast

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