those nutty neighbours

so down the street over there’s this little house where some of our neighbours live. oh yeah and they’re Baha’is. James Howden is one of them and he’s a prolific and passionate writer—so much so that he was hired on by Adrienne Clarkson as her speechwriter during her tenure as Governor General of Canada. He and his eco-friendly wife, Diana Cartwright, recently returned with their young son Sam from a trip to the beautiful Caribbean island of Guadeloupe and wanted to share their adventures with the world. Check them out on flickr!

BTW you may know the Howden/Cartwright couple from previous posts in my blog: they had a long string of fireside discussions on Saturday evenings that would draw large numbers of people to muse about everything spiritual and philosophical of great import; Diana attended the World Summit on Sustainable Development as a Baha’i representative back in 2002; their son Sam also attends the children’s class I blog about.

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