doberman pizza 2.0

shrine of the bábwelcome to the brand spanking new “world citizen” version of doberman pizza. the site’s new, long awaited design is partly an homage to my recent pilgrimage. if you were wondering why there were so few signs of life during the past week, this is why. I’ve been working on putting together the new design, now running on wordpress. it’s my little way of saying happy ayyam-i-há 2007! here’s hoping all of you have an excellent week and a great lead-up to the Fast—don’t forget that we change our clocks during the Fast this year.

by the way, you may find that certain links are no longer working or that they get displayed using the old design and interface. there are so many links in my blog that it’s going to take me a little while to do sanity checks on them all, so please bear with me—and feel free to report any such broken/crazy links as comments to this post. and above all, do keep checking back in the weeks to come; I’ll be adding new parts of the site as I get the hang of wordpress plugins and get them working right.

11 thoughts on “doberman pizza 2.0

  1. Hey the new site is nice!

    Um, perhaps its just me, but I can’t locate an email contact anwhere so this post will have to do 😉
    I have just launched a site for Myspace users offering free layouts, codes, comments, etc.

    We just uploaded our first Bahai Myspace layout:

    And are uploading a bunch of Bahai comments:

    As far as I know its the only place on the web to get Bahai stuff for Myspace.

    Let us know if you have any requests at all, Thanks!

  2. Премного благодарен, что просветили. Никогда бы не подумал 🙂

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