about this year’s baha’i fast

I know it’s a little bit early to be thinking about the Baha’i Fast, but I thought I’d take this opportunity to remind you all of important changes to Daylight Savings Time that will affect all fasting Baha’is in North America. As you probably heard, a congressional act was passed into law in the United States that changes the official beginning and ending dates for Daylight Savings Time. According to Canada’s National Research Council, the Canadian provinces and territories have agreed to follow this new standard as well. Beginning in 2007, Americans and Canadians (unless stated otherwise, e.g. Arizona or Saskatchewan) will begin observing DST on the second Sunday in March and end the first Sunday in November.

For American and Canadian Baha’is, this will introduce a new level of difficulty in observing the Baha’i Fast: setting clocks ahead one hour in the middle of the Fast. Daylight Savings Time will come into effect in the wee hours of March 11, 2007, or the ninth day of the Baha’i Fast.

I’ve compiled a list of links to fasting calendars for major Canadian cities, along with the 2007 fasting times for Ottawa. You’ll note that all of these include the changeover to DST on March 11; sunrise and sunset will appear to jump ahead one hour.

Learn more about the nature of the Baha’i Fast.

3 thoughts on “about this year’s baha’i fast

  1. I noticed this change on a sunrise/sunset calendar I looked up for the fast this year and thought that I had forgotten to make this change during the fast last year! I am no longer puzzled. Thank you for the information!

    – a Baha’i American

  2. And again: thanks for the calendar for the Fast. Very, very helpful. I live in Gatineau, but I figure the sun comes up and goes down about the same time across the river, eh? Salut, Heather

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