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all you patient people. look at you out there, I could just kiss you! it’s taken a whole month, but your patience has been rewarded. my pilgrimage photos—all 545 of them—are now online on my flickr photostream. go see them, leave notes and comments (free flickr or yahoo account required), and, most of all, relive the nine-day pilgrimage to the Baha’i World Centre through my trusty camera. Oh yes, and tell your friends. kthx. bye.

2 thoughts on “pilgrimage photos

  1. Hi Doberman, great site, congrats on your pilgrimmage! …
    I’m a Canadian Baha’i doing a service project in the Dominican Republic.
    If you are interested you can check out my site on that, actually I was hoping to maybe get some ideas or advice for my site from a more seasoned blogger such as yourself, if you were interested and time allowed. Am trying to get it shared out there in cyber world.

    all the best
    Ed Dufort
    ps – your email button didn’t work.

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