post-pilgrimage one

moonlitThy love, O my Lord, hath enriched me, and separation from Thee hath destroyed me, and remoteness from Thee hath consumed me. (Bahá’u’lláh)

sadness came over me today as I realized that I was no longer in Haifa, and that pilgrimage was over. perhaps it was while posting my 100th pilgrimage photo to flickr, reliving the enriching thrill of nearness to the Holy Shrines, and fondly remembering all the new friends I made amongst my fellow pilgrims. since returning, I haven’t been following my daily programme of prayer, readings, and meditation as closely as I’d like. Maybe getting back on track with these will help soften the impact and help put me back into conscious contact with my Higher Power.

Catherine graciously typed out all the email addresses of people we met while on pilgrimage, so we can get back in touch with them, share photos, and so on. there’s a lot of getting in touch to do and I’m looking forward to that.

Yesterday morning, I dreamt that I was writing an exam at school – except that I didn’t recognize or understand most of the questions. For the ones I did understand, I didn’t have the tools I needed – for example, a ruler to measure lines, a calculator, etc. I remember feeling scared and anxious.

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  1. First of all, I am very glad to hear that you’ve ventured out on a pilgrimage in your own honor. I say this because the connection between you and God has always been there, the belief in separation is self-imposed.
    Your dream, for example, is a direct message (symbolism) from “God” (yourself)…this dream is trying to bring your attention not to “what you’re missing” but what you Believe you’re missing.
    The ruler, the calculator…these are things we believe we need to do the job “perfectly”, but as a creation of God you are always perfect. Perhaps the answers do not lie in Perfection, but in being yourself. God makes no mistakes, and neither do you…you just believe you do.

    Always here,

    A Forgetful God

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