quick update

hey peeps. just a quick note for the heck of it. the weekend was pretty phat. Pejman hosted an amazing housewarming party at his new place on Sunday, with an “African Flavour” theme. ZOMG awesome food. I died. And there were a lot of really interesting people there too, all of whom had some sort of connection to Africa – born there, lived there, visited, or (like me) have vague longings to go there some day.

hmm what else. ohhh children’s classes are really strongly on my mind right now. Julie and I are gearing up for the new year of Étoiles Brillantes (our francophone children’s class, based in Julie and Fanfan’s Manor Park home). The curriculum is set, parents are called, and so on; we’re meeting tonight to make plans of action to further develop the class organizationally and human resources-wise; spare a prayer or two, or three, for us – we’ll be needing all the prayers we can get.

That’s all for now, folks!

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