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This weekend was pretty fun. among other things, I hung out at the newly (although unofficially) opened Ottawa Baha’i Centre with a bunch of lucky folks. On Saturday there was an awesome workshop on marriage organized by the local Marriage and Family Life committee, and on Sunday I popped in for the inter-CABS (Campus Association for Baha’i Studies) barbecue. Both occasions gave everybody a chance to tour the building, see the magnificent renovations, and wow at the awesomeness of this pizza restaurant-turned-Baha’i centre. Check out the photos from Sunday, including a stopover at Pejman’s new home in lovely Sector 9, on my flickr photosite.

FYI (posted Sep.18): Anyone interested in the Baha’i Faith and the education of children and junior youth needs to come to the Ottawa Baha’i Centre this Friday, Sept. 22, 2006, @ 7:30 PM. Registration will be open for this year’s set of neighbourhood children’s and junior youth classes. This evening is open to everyone—from every faith, every culture, and every part of the city. EVERYONE. Yes, EVERYONE. Even your mom, and your grandma too. Julie and I will be there to speak briefly about our experience giving francophone children’s classes.

FYI No.2 (posted Sep.22): Come on out to the children’s classes meeting—it’s tonight (Friday)! Also, check out the photos from the Talebifards’ farewell dinner on flickr.

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