moncton! (and remaindered links)

cya all… off to moncton for the Goguen/Després family reunion. have a great week. I may get online once or twice during the week but I am probably going to have too much fun chillin’ with family and eating fried clams to do much blogging. in the meantime, you can check out my flickr site – besides the more recent lac philippe photos, I’ve posted up a bunch of older photos of the Baha’i community in Québec (from back when I was pioneering in Victoriaville). (Update 07-aug-2006: a couple of vacation photos have been posted to give you an idea of how things have been going. enjoy!) anyway, that’s all for now – keep the faith and keep coming back!

a few links to keep things interesting during the week:

Pikapika: The Lightning Doodle Project – whoa.

Next Level Radio – a Baha’i-inspired hip-hop/electronic/urban podcast

The Poetry of Peace – Shin~Shin’s hip-hop-related blog – a new baha’i blog

Web Sudoku – aaaaaaah sudoku!

Disadventure! – one man’s struggle to write his dissertation, told as one of those old text-based adventure games.

Breakdancing for the Pope – Pretty righteous!

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