back in ottawa

yar har fiddle de deeoh ho ho ho I’m back in ottawa after my ten-day-long vacation. look out for photos to be posted gradually on my flickr site in the week (weeks!) to come. still pretty exhausted, and still almost feeling as if I’m still on vacation. a few days of slaving over a hot web queue should fix that up.

moncton was fun, restful and refreshing. the family reunion was a great occasion for me to renew ties with relatives I hadn’t seen in ten years – and to meet ones I didn’t even know I had. suddenly it’s like the whole family tree suddenly sprang to life. besides the reunion, we did a lot of hanging around on the beach – sunbathing, swimming, digging clams. we ate a lot of seafood, too. I gorged myself on fried clams (and paid for it dearly, with indigestion – whoops). there were a couple of lobster dinners too, as well as raw oysters and quahogs (yes, I ate raw seafood), and a nice seafood chowder/stew/thing c/o my aunt. there was lots of visiting during the week I was there – not long visits, but just enough to give you a taste of people’s company and make you want to keep up the contact. on the final day, I paid a visit to good friend Jinous Allard with my aunt, and we got the chance to chat and welcome her into her new home in riverview – across the petitcodiac river from moncton.

more soon – in the meantime, there are new pictures. also check out arash city, which has been experiencing record-breaking amounts of new content lately – the latest is a set of photos from Fern and Valentina’s corn roast over the weekend (also featuring arash’s vacation beard).

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