rocket attacks on haifa

From the CBC website: Hezbollah attacks Haifa

People on both sides of the Israeli-Lebanese border remained on high alert Sunday as Hezbollah and Israeli forces exchanged rocket fire and heavy artillery for a fifth day.

Hezbollah, a Lebanese-based militant organization sponsored by Iran and Syria, fired rockets that fell on the northern Israeli port of Haifa, killing at least eight people and wounding 20 others, some of them seriously.

Israel police said the dead were part of a repair crew at a rail station that took a direct hit. One rocket tore a huge hole in the roof of the station. Others landed in the street nearby, where people ran from their cars to escape, according to Israel Radio.

Prayers needed for the people of Haifa, Israel and Lebanon…

Read the whole story.

Update (Aug. 20, 2006): Read the latest news about Haifa in my August 20th blog post.

Update: The Globe and Mail ran a new story about life in Haifa that mentions the Baha’i Shrine and Gardens.

3 thoughts on “rocket attacks on haifa

  1. Hello there, my name is Caitlin and I am looking for any celebrations going on in the toronto area for any of the upcoming baha’i holdidays. if you could let me know, or email me with anymore information on the baha’i faith please email me at

  2. Hello, I am a Baha’i from North Carolina, USA and wonder if the rocket attacks have injured any Baha’is in Haifa or if any of the rockets have damaged the Baha’i Shrines?

  3. Hi everyone! I am a Bahai as well served in Israel not long a go. Don’t worry our HOly Places are all safe with th e protection of Bahaullah. House of Justice let th elast pilgrim group of the season to have their Holy visits although there is war. Well it seems journalist are all interested in having Bahai Faith in their news becuase half of the city population was gone to south but there were still bahais coming in, so that was interesting for them and still is. You can follow up some news from my blog as well. I keep in touch with the World Centre and I have recently recieved some pilgrim notes which is so touching to read. Iwill try to post someof them.
    with loving Bahai greetings

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