requisites to spiritual growth

The Universal House of Justice tells us that there are seven essential requisites to spiritual growth. Six of them are summarized in a letter circa 1984 to the Baha’is of Europe; the seventh, the requirement of repeating the Greatest Name of God (“Allah-u-abha”) ninety-five times a day, can be found in the Kitáb-i-Aqdas and is one of those laws that was only recently made binding upon Western Baha’is.

The seven requisites are: (1) reciting one of the obligatory prayers each day; (2) reading from the Sacred Scriptures at least each morning and evening; (3) prayerful meditation on the Baha’i teachings; (4) striving each day to bring our behaviour into accordance with the Baha’i teachings; (5) teaching the Cause of God; (6) selfless service in the work of the Cause and in the carrying on of our trade or profession; (7) repeating the Greatest Name of God (“Allah-u-abha”) ninety-five times a day.

I’ve been making an effort to work on (2) lately – making sure I take time in the day to read from the writings of Bahá’u’lláh. I’ve been using the Bahá’í Quotes Syndication Service when possible, but the quotes presented there aren’t exclusively from Bahá’u’lláh. To help me out (and as a service to readers), I’ve added a random Hidden Word (c/o the Bahá’í Faith Index) to the bottom of my blog’s front page. Now you can scroll down and view a random hidden word as part of your daily spiritual growth programme.

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  1. Thank you for your mention of my site Bahá’í Quotes Syndication Service.?I always get fresh traffic to my site when you post a link, and fresh traffic always makes me happy.
    I n selecting the quotes, I keep the guideline for selecting the writings as those that are acceptable in the Spiritual portion of the Feast. In other words, the selections are limited to the Bab, Baha’u’llah, and Abdu’l-Baha’s Writings. This limitation I have imposed on my self is so the “reading from the Sacred Scriptures at least each morning and evening” could be accommodated. I am glad you have found this service useful to your needs.

    I have also thought of doing a separate one that would include texts from our institutions and of the guardian for example, to give the reader a better understanding of the Baha’i perspectives on social issues and its spiritual solutions.

    Would that be of some interest to you?

  2. is it possible to put the random quote in a sidebar? it’s not easy to get to at the bottom of the page…


  3. Another test I am doing is an audio feature. I have heard of some audio files on the web reading the Writings but they seem too dispassionate and monotonistic to me. Anyhow, I am seekng for an easy way to share the audio files.
    Here is my first attempt. Please test these following links and tell me what you think.


    Or you ca search tjem in the Jan. archive.

    I wonder how it looks to you, which works better(the mini player or the longer one), does the sound/quality work well, do you know of other services besides Podcast Pickle that is easy to use as the poster and the listener? I wish I didn’t have pickle written all over this blog…. Any ideas? If possible, I would like to make them downloadable and podcastable while allowing single posts like these.

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