on a quiet weekend

new cameralook what I found laying around in the grass! it’s a new camera, a Canon PowerShot A430. I got tired of wallowing around not having a camera to take snapshots with, so I took my life into my own hands. it’s not a real fancy camera; it lacks many of the A610’s advanced features, but it seems to be an inexpensive camera that’s good for your run-of-the-mill snapshots. Expect to see more photos here in the weeks to come!

It’s Birthday month! Both my brother Gabriel and sister Catherine were born in the month of July, and we had some great festivities to celebrate both occasions. Apart from them, Kamran, Afshun, Delara, Sahba, and Sarah were among those who had birthdays recently. Happy birthday to everyone!

Bonne fête à Jessika, qui fête demain ses 22 ans à Winnipeg – plus de 1,900 kilomètres du patelin de sa jeunesse!

So this weekend has been partly quiet and partly active – on Saturday afternoon, a whole bunch of friends gathered at Morrison Quarry in Wakefield, Quebec to celebrate Sarah’s birthday ; it was a lot of fun hanging around by the clear, blue-green water of the lake, playing backgammon, socializing, goofing off, and watching people bungee-jump across the lake. Sarah’s Barbie cake was pretty cool, too (and packed full of yummy sugar!!!!!!!!!!!11) Today, Rama and I went to see the Ottawa Lynx pummel the visiting team at the Lynx Stadium, which was a convenient 5-minute walk away for me. It was my first legit baseball game (i.e., the first game in a real stadium, and the first I actually had to pay to see), raising the number of sports-related milestones in my life to four this year (first time going to see an NHL hockey game, first NHL playoff party, first time following the World Cup all the way through). We got rained on for part of the game, but it was worth it. All in all, it was fun – hopefully I’ll be able to catch a few more games!

You might also find it interesting to note that I’ll be on vacation soon, starting in the second week of August. Among other things, I’ll be visiting relatives on my mom’s side of the family; they’re having a family reunion, and hopefully I should be able to meet some of my long-lost relatives for the very first time. Yay!

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