world cup: josé+10

For all the soccer/football[1] fans out there – well, you’ve probably already seen these. but in case you want to see them again, here’s the brilliant and awesome “José+10” series of commercials produced by Adidas for the World Cup.



Behind the Scenes

Bonus Track (weird)

Two other things: since I’m a fan of the Brazilian team, here’s a story about Brazil’s fanatical devotion to football[1]. Also, if you’re a Buddhist monk in Cambodia, you might want to watch out if you watch the World Cup – you could get your monkhood revoked.

[1]: not american football – real football.

5 thoughts on “world cup: josé+10

  1. @marco: obrigado! I love soccer and dislike american football. I also like Australian rules football thanks to a good friend of mine, but that’s as maybe.

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