gets a facelift!

That indispensible resource for participants in the institute process,, just got a nice new look, and I must say, it’s the difference between night and day. In fact, I think I just got J. The new site offers vast improvements over the old, particularly in terms of the clear, simple organization of content, the improved user interface, and the addition of new categories like “Practice”, “Service Ideas” and “Tutor Tips”, each rich with content and growing. Colour-coding the tabs along the top of the page to match the colours of the Ruhi books is a nice touch. You’ll notice that there’s now a “Book 3A”: that would be Teaching Children’s Classes, Grade 2—what we used to know as Book 5. A new book 5 will be coming soon, of course, devoted to raising up junior youth animators. A few of us in Ottawa had the chance to study a draft version of this new book over the winter, and I think we can safely say that it’s well worth studying. Look out for it.

Anyway, enough said. Go to Browse through it. Bookmark it. Keep coming back. Thank you!

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  1. nope… I wish. I just happened to visit the site late last night when I realized it had been redesigned, so I posted the news here. whoever put the new site together deserves some awesome kudos!

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