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ahoy there mateys, I be captain redbeard bluebottom the yellow-belly, and I see poop to be scooped off the poopdeck. ahem. arrrrrr. it’s not even talk like a pirate day.

so there we go, it’s been a rough week. started out by messing up my foot in jiu-jitsu class. I rolled in a way I shouldn’t have and smacked my heel on the ground. I’ve been nursing a bruise since then.

On the plus side, I’ve managed to finish a few large projects at work. check out the Conference Board’s Ukraine SEPPAC project: I put together a bilingual english-ukrainian website for them. It’s pretty trippy making a web site in a language you can barely even read.

my good friend Dave F. got married this past Friday, to a lovely lady by the name of Karine. the ceremony and reception were at the Courtyard restaurant down in the Byward Market. it was a simple, intimate Baha’i ceremony; I was asked to sing a few prayers before and afterwards. This was the fourth wedding I attended in less than a year – I’m starting to get used to them. the first was aram + natalia’s wedding last october – a beautiful affair! I sang a prayer at their wedding, too. Want to hear a good example of me singing? Check out my newest creation on ytmnd: The Sad Clown Choir. Of course, I can’t sing multiple tracks together at your average wedding, but hey.

Anyway, I digress. Catherine, Andréanne and family were in attendance at Dave and Karine’s wedding – it was cool to have Baha’i friends from Sherbrooke over in Ottawa. Catherine, of course, apart from being my sister’s namesake, is one of the two youth who just returned from serving in Gabon (pictures are up on flickr). Catherine and Andréanne will be back in town for Canada Day weekend, so maybe some of you will get a chance to meet them.

in other news, keep your eyes open – the Baha’i youth BBQ season is on. breaking news at martinsquest.com.

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  1. Hey! I JUST replied to your comment on my blog, telling you that I wanted to hear you sing, and lo! here it is! Sounds good my friend:) Glad I got the chance to hear you.

    I just got one of the best highs of my life yesterday singing that song with the House of Worship choir for our Juneteeth celebration. SO GOOD!! I was shaking for 10 minutes after we finished. Van sure does know how to direct us!

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