chillin’ day

yeah, it was a cold day today, especially for June. Oddly enough, I prefer cold weather. I said that to the guy behind the counter at Bridgehead and he thought I was nuts. Apparently people came to him all day to complain about the weather (along with buying coffee).

So anyway, besides being cold, today was a pretty quiet day. I got up at about 8:00 (on Saturday?!? ya I know.) to go participate in the devotional program for People and the Planet, a biannual conference sponsored by the Sierra Club. One of my neighbours, Diana, is part of an organization called Faith and the Common Good – which gathers representatives from many religions and faith groups and gets them focused on environmental issues – and they were asked to prepare devotions for the conference, which is how I got involved. I guess someone heard I could chant prayers well. It was cool, although I didn’t stay there too long. I saw a few people I recognized – Tazz‘s friend Rhetta was there, for instance.

I needed breakfast, so, after pausing briefly at a local natural food store for a few groceries, I went walking down Elgin and stopped at The Lieutenant’s Pump for Saturday brunch. It was pretty good (read my review on Yahoo) – I got to sit around eating my omelette and watching England and Paraguay beat up on each other at World Cup soccer (sorry… football).

Once I got back home, I started preparing materials for this week’s children’s class. That took me until about one o’clock, when I jumped on my bike and rode off to Julie and Fanfan’s place for the class. Oddly enough, there were no children. We waited until 2:00, still no children. Oops. We chalked it up to a logistical blip and kept the lesson plan ready for a future class. Fanfan came by at around 2:30, and we all watched some more World Cup soccer together as Argentina and Côte d’Ivoire battled it out. Fanfan roots for Argentina and (to be fair) I rooted for Côte d’Ivoire. It was a more interesting game than the England-Paraguay game.

Now? Well, now I’m blogging, hanging around with the cat, and getting ready for bed. I’ll probably take some time to make phone calls tomorrow, and get settled and ready for next week. This past week has been a bit of a trial, with lots of working late and pushing my limits. I think milk and cookies are definitely in order.

4 thoughts on “chillin’ day

  1. Hey there! Shamim stopped in at the Temple the other day (to my GREAT surprise and glee) and gave me a “hello” from you. Hello, back!:)

    One of these days, maybe we’ll actually meet face to face…wouldn’t that be conventional!

    Sorry you haven’t found your camera yet:(

    And I fully support you in your preference for cool weather!

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