have you seen me?

for the past while, I haven’t been able to find my camera, a Canon PowerShot A610. it was last seen in my pocket at some kind of Baha’i meeting – possible candidates are Counsellor Scott’s youth talk on the 5th, or maybe even Ridván. I haven’t been bringing it out a lot anyway because I’ve been so busy, but I do remember bringing it to a talk just in case I wanted to take pictures (which I don’t remember doing) and, well, I haven’t seen it in a while so I must have taken it out at some point and left it somewhere. The last photos I took with it were from April 13th, so I know I lost it between then and May 13th, when I first realized it wasn’t around.

If you’ve seen or picked up a camera lately and don’t know who it belonged to, please e-mail me, grab me on IM or give me a call. Otherwise I’ll have to start posting boring junk to my flickr site instead of photos of exciting events and, um, my cat 🙁

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