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Last Monday was the celebration of the Declaration of the Báb, one of the most auspicious holy days in the Bahá’í calendar. In Ottawa we tend to do things big (bigger than a breadbox) so obviously a big hall was rented for the Monday evening and lots of people around the city invited their friends and kindred to come out and enjoy the celebration together. Well, oddly enough, 7:00 comes along and we (Marty, Matt Fillmore, Payam and I) get a call from Vafa warning us that the holy day has been cancelled. We were skeptical, so we kept on going to check it out.

Sure enough, we got to the hall and it was all locked up, with people standing outside talking, visiting with friends, and scratching their heads. Apparently there was a serious mix-up, and the hall’s caretaker never showed up to unlock the doors.

I love the way the Baha’is handled the fallout, though. Nobody blew up – the celebration was rescheduled for the next day in the homes of several individuals across town, and those people who had invited friends just took them out for coffee instead. A bunch of us went to nearby Bridgehead Coffee on Richmond Road. And rather than being angry at the caretaker, most of us were worried that he had had a heart attack or a tragic accident or something. It was a beautiful display of flexibility and detachment from all involved. Kudos to the Ottawa Spiritual Assembly’s Feast and Holy Day Committee for making the most out of what must have been a logistical nightmare. See a video of the festivities that ensued (WMV, 15MB), including an impromptu performance by the Ottawa Baha’i Choir!

And that’s it. Since we’re on the topic of funny stories, I think you all need to read about the Three Little Pigs and the Study Circle.

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