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following up on Sam Benoit’s comment on the ‘bridgehead’ post, here are a few of my favourite vegetarian recipes. FYI, I used to be a vegetarian, and am still quite sympathetic to vegetarianism – and have been thinking about returning to that simple, balanced way of life recently. I’ll tell you all sorts of stories about how I came to put my vegetarianism on hold, though. Just ask me. I dare you.

  • kashke bademjoon – one of the greatest persian dishes of all time, and (sadly) one of the few vegetarian ones. (apparently there’s a vegetarian ghormeh sabzi recipe – neat huh?)
  • potato and pea curry – a favourite indian dish. I also tend to make a nice curry with sweet potatoes and broccoli… maybe I’ll post it sometime. btw, indian food is my favourite type of cuisine.
  • misir wot – or miser wat, or whatever. an ethiopian lentil dish; basically, as the recipe says, “spiced lentil mush”. the secret is in the berbere sauce, an african spice mix that can be difficult to find in North America (it’s worth it, though)
  • potato knishes – whenever I stop at a local bagel shop, I always grab a few knishes on the side. Potato knishes are the most common, but I’ve seen knishes filled with things like spinach, cabbage, and broccoli too.
  • artichoke and sundried tomato pizza – a mouth-watering mediterranean combination that packs a punch. try making it yourself – it should turn out less greasy than delivered pizza.
  • spinach lasagna – everyone loves vegetarian lasagna – even marty!

BTW: Are all Bahá’ís vegetarian? No, but the Bahá’í Writings look upon vegetarianism in a very positive light. Bahá’ís don’t have special foods associated with rituals or ceremonies; we eat all sorts of things, depending on where in the world we live. Check out some pictures of Bahá’í food.

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  1. You can make a lot of persian dishes vegetarian! 🙂 Gormeh Sabzi, Kuku (like a quiche), the different kinds of Dolmeh, Khoresht Baamieh, Zereshk Polow…you can just remove the meat from a lot of dishes.

  2. I am a vegetarian myself (for ethical and environmental reasons) and since you asked someone to ask, I thought I would. So why have you put vegetarianism on hold?

  3. @sholeh: I should have included kookoo sabzi on there – that’s another favourite of mine (for ovo-vegetarians)!

    @tracy: the story is a lot better when I tell it in person. maybe when I go back to being veg I’ll focus an entire blog post on reminiscing. basically, I was at a point in my life where it wasn’t working for me anymore – and I recognize that much of that was because I was letting myself go and doing it incorrectly (e.g. not getting all the nutrients I needed). Now that I’m back in a better place (emotionally, mentally, spiritually, etc), I’m becoming far more confident that I can start again.

  4. hi,yes i did see the recipes and referred them to Tracy actually!

    I dont have a kitchen at the moment but i know she will amke good use of them so i hope to taste when i am back at home,

    the reality is that it is more difficult to be a healthy vegetarian if you do not want to pay more for quality foodstuffs ( iN SA and Italy I can say ) so

    that would also help us stop-start vegetarians along with good recipes which tantalise tastebuds.

  5. Since I am ethiopian, I have to say that in “misir wot – or miser wat” as you said, the secret is in the berbere(peper) sauce,

    But it is easy to find on the internet if you search with ‘selam baltena’ or ‘elsa kolo’.

  6. Spinach lasagna is one of my favorite dishes anyways. However, to be honest I am not a great fan of vegetarian food. But lasagna…. it is something special. However, the taste of lasagna really depends on the proficiency level of the cook. Tried it at home and at several Italian restaurants. And every time it tasted differently.

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