carleton cabs bbq this afternoon

CABS Carletonwrote:

CABS BBQ @ Shams residence, 374 Cooper St., Apt. 202
Monday, May 1st ~ 2:00ish

If you think that Saturday’s last exams mark the beginning of the university students summer you are dead wrong. Summer does not start until the date and time marked above and will take place at the above downtown location at the CABS End-of-Semester Party. (Phone #:233 6195)

Summer will be celebrated with music (maybe even some live music), friends and food a la BBQ . Fair Warning: those who do not attend the BBQ will miss summer, and may wake up on Tuesday morning in September.

TIME: Come whenever you want/can, your burger will be thrown on the grill as soon as we see the whites of your eyes.

APARTMENT: You’ll probably see people on the balcony and be seen by them as you approach the building, but just in case, the call number in the lobby is 0002, and the apartment is 202.

FOOD: Some people have asked about what food they should bring, while we are not requesting people to bring any food, please feel free — we could use the variety and plus, it’ll make you more popular . We bought lots of food today, and as we start to run out of things there are places nearby where we can replenish.

VEGETARIANS: There will be veggie patties, relax.

LIVE MUSIC: Looks like there will be some! Heck, it might even be YOU!

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