Bridgehead is an Ottawa-based chain of coffeeshops (or coffeehouses) featuring organic, fairly-traded coffee, tea, cocoa and chocolate. I discovered them a while back, but rediscovered them lately when one of the co-founders of Otesha came to talk at the Howden fireside (and that’s a whole other story!). Bridgehead has six coffeehouses in Ottawa, including their newest coffeehouse that just opened up at Bank & Albert. Yes, that’s smack dab along most of the main bus routes going downtown – so if you’re taking the bus, whether to Carleton University, Ottawa University, or, hey, anywhere – you can take five minutes and fill your travel mug with hot, fresh, organic, fairly-traded coffee (or tea, or cocoa, etc) and be sure that the people who grew and harvested the coffee beans (or tea leaves, or cocoa beans, etc) were paid a fair wage and didn’t have to burn their skin on toxic pesticides. How cool is that? Give it a try.

Disclaimer: Bridgehead is not rewarding me in any way for this endorsement (not even in coupons or discounts). Think of this post as you would Marty‘s rants about Quizno’s – it’s just me raving about something I really enjoy in life and want to share!

7 thoughts on “bridgehead

  1. I like the direction you are going in, Danger. Will we be reading any rants advocating vegetarianism in the near future?

  2. I go to the new one on Bank and Albert every morning now… Both my tummy and my conscience are happy! 🙂

  3. … oh, and for vegetarian/health food shopping go to the Natural Food Pantry and the Herb and Spice here in Ottawa. You’d be amazed what kinds of cool things you can find!

  4. I’ve never seen an organic coffee bean transformation! I am not a major user of coffee (it’s not my “thing” as you might say) but i am definitely a strong supporter of anything that is organic. I tried to make clothing out of vegetables and fruits and I found that it fits me good. Anyway thank you for being such a kind person. You posted this article even though you are not given credits by marty’s intergalactic house of pancakes. fnord.

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