a couple of updates

sippingI apologize for the dearth of picture posts lately. For some reason, I can’t seem to find my camera. I just hope I didn’t go out somewhere, put it down and forget it (which does happen). Anyway, I’ve updated my list of photosets and posted a few (old) pics to my flickr site. if you use Google Earth, go here and type in my flickr username (dragfyre) to download a network link (.kml file) that will show you all my geotagged flickr photos. Each photo will appear at the place on the earth where it was taken. cool huh?

if you’re in the Ottawa area and you’re involved in children’s classes, you may want to come out to Harmony Gardens for a meeting with Counsellor Dan Scott tomorrow (Sunday, May 14) from 7-9 PM (read more). Parents, teachers, Ruhi Book 3 graduates and anyone who has the slightest interest in the spiritual and moral education of children and junior youth are urged to come hear the Counsellor speak. This means you. There’s plenty of room for everybody. Have your dinner, put your coat on, and drive over. Bus #2 stops right in front of Harmony Gardens; it’s about ten minutes from Blair station. Catch the 6:30 PM bus from Blair, and you should be there in no time (or catch the 7:00 PM bus, but arrive ten minutes late!!!!)

oh, and Ottawa’s out of the NHL playoffs 😛

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