return of the interesting search terms

long-time readers of doberman pizza will remember an intermittent feature called “interesting search terms” where I would post a list of recent phrases that people have used to find my website, intentionally or not, via major search engines like google, yahoo, and so on. I’ve taken the time to collect those phrases (along with a whack of new ones), sort them alphabetically, and give them their own space on this site. ladies and gentlemen, I give you interesting search terms.

Some personal favourites of mine:

  • wills of san francisco potato salad
  • project challenge sandwich illinois
  • all i want is a photo of a pizza
  • being trampled by women in cleats
  • crazy doberman eating self
  • what in the hell do i want to do with my life

And probably my all-time favourite:

3 thoughts on “return of the interesting search terms

  1. thanks for your message on my blog! just read your post about the searches that came up when people stumbled across your blog by typing in weird things into google or yahoo…that’s so funny! how do you get a tracker like that on your blog? i have a counter on mine, but i am soooo bad when it comes to setting up websites and stuff, i have no clue!

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