long weekend wrap-up ahh nice

Easter weekend went well. I did some cleaning up in my room on Friday, helped out at the Ottawa Baha’i Centre on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, sanding the walls. The renovations are going along well, but there is a definite need for more people so the whole process can go faster. If you’ve got some time in the next little while, consider coming in and helping out — help get the centre up and running sooner.

Saturday I popped into the Howden Fireside down the street from our place, for a warm and cozy talk given by Louise Profeit-Leblanc. Lots of wisdom there. She’s a great storyteller with a lot of amazing stories to tell. She talked a fair bit about how she came to know the Baha’i Faith in her early days living in the Yukon, and tied her stories in with the virtue of courage — what it means to have courage, and so on. It was a good combination. Becoming a Baha’i is as much an act of courage for some people as it is an act of faith. Perhaps it would be easier if becoming a Baha’i wasn’t seen so much as “changing religions” as acknowledging the oneness of all religions. You know — rather than thinking of it as “switching from one family to another”, realizing that we’re all part of a much bigger family — the human family — that includes us all. Anyway, I digress. We had some good conversation that night, and we inexplicably ended up listening to Vaudeville Follies records. We started the evening listening to Hair, so it was definitely a weird night for music.

Tonight was a relaxing day; I made some phone calls and caught up with faraway friends, and tagged along with mom, sister and niece as they went shopping at Wal-Mart and Ikea. Then I joined up with a few members of the Baha’i choir for a mini-rehearsal; some of us will be performing at the celebration of the 1st day of Ridván. Don’t forget to join us at the St. Elias Banquet Hall — the Ridván elections start at 8 PM on Thursday evening, and continue the next day from 1 PM on; the celebration itself begins at 3 PM. Don’t forget to come and vote, or, if you can’t be there, vote in advance and get someone to bring it in! Read a little about Ridván and Bahá’í elections to put yourself in the spirit, or peruse a compilation on Bahá’í elections.

One last thing – it’s time for another patented movie devotional at Vafa’s place! Go check out his website for more details.

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