omg earthquake!!!

hey, just in case you didn’t realize it: that big shake-up last night was an earthquake! The press are saying it was a magnitude 4.5 quake, centred about 45km north-east of Ottawa, just north of Thurso (a little paper-mill town on the Quebec side). It was just big enough to shake things up, but not big enough to cause any serious damage. I was in Tim Hortons’ with some friends when it happened – and watching the big glass windows wobble was a little freaky. We were right next to a busy intersection, so we thought at first it might have been a big truck having an accident or something. When it just kept on rumbling and rumbling though, we clued in. Apparently there are tons of earthquakes in the Ottawa area every year—though too small for most people to feel—and larger ones happen about once every five to ten years.

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